Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when having a Thermogram?

Arrive at your scheduled location. After gathering a comprehensive health history from the client, a thermogram takes less than 15 minutes for partial body images and up to 60 minutes for a full body thermogram.  It is exactly like having your picture taken with a camera.  It is 100% safe and has no radiation, no contact and no pain.

Description of test:

Patient time for test: approx. 30 minutes for a breast scan, 60 minutes for upper or full body scan.

You are given time for your skin temperature to equalize with the room temperature. Examining rooms can feel cool as your body adjusts to room temperature.
Thermal Images are taken of the whole body, or just areas under investigation.
A cervical assessment would typically include: head and neck, upper trunk & arms.
A lumbar assessment would typically include: low back, pelvis, and legs.

After you leave, your thermogram is then sent online via our secure extranet (not e-mail) and your thermal images are interpreted by board-certified Thermologists. These Thermologists are physicians from various specialties, who form the team at Meditherm, the best Thermologists in the world, with a normal turnaround time of 48 hours, and a rush option for when time matters.  

You will receive your reports including your images and the Thermographic Interpretation via encrypted SSL email to you.  Printed copies are also available. We exceed all HIPPA compliancy and all image data is backed up daily.  As long as you are using a Meditherm provider, we will be able to retrieve your reports for future comparison any where in the world.

How should I prepare for a thermogram?

Patient preparation: Main consideration – do not do anything that will stress joints, muscles, cause you to heat up or cause the skin surface to be blocked.

  • Do not exercise, have therapies (massage, facials, PT, etc.), treatments or testing (MRI, CAT Scan, etc.) or electromyography on the same day Thermography is performed.

  • Do not smoke for 2 hours before the test.

  • Do not chew gum or drink hot beverages 2 hours before the test.

  • Do not use under arm deodorants, lotions, make up liniments or powder on your body or face on the day of test as they will block the skin surface from registering correct temperatures. (If you are having a breast scan, you can wear your face makeup, just do not put anything on your neck area.)

  • Avoid sun exposure on day of test.

  • Diet – No changes necessary

  • Medicines – No changes necessary

  • Disrobing – You will be removing clothing down to underwear. Men, please wear briefs rather than boxer shorts for Full Body scans.

  • Remove jewelry

  • Put on a supplied gown

  • Have hair off face and away from ears and neck

  • Inform your Thermographer if you have had any recent skin lesions; the inflammation can cause a false positive result.

  • If you have had a mammogram, biopsy or any other breast surgery within 30 days of your scheduled Thermogram, or if you are breastfeeding, please in form your Thermographer prior to testing.

Most Thermograms take between 30 and 60 minutes.  Most patients are in and out in approx. 1 hr or less.  Full body scans can take up to 90 minutes. 

How long does a thermogram take?

Who reads the images and reports?

Images are interpreted by Medical Doctors that are additionally Board Certified Thermologists, Physicians from various specialties, who form the team at EMI (Electronic Medical Interpretation), a subsidiary of Meditherm; it is the world's largest and most advanced network of interpreting physicians. We use a secure "intranet" HIPPA-compliant method of direct, safe transmission with these doctors. The normal turnaround time for reports is less than 72 hours, and a 24 hr turnaround rush option is available for a reasonable additional fee. 

The Thermologists interpreting our images are MD’s trained by the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT).  Currently there are more than 30 M.D.’s on staff.

Reports are normally ready within 48 hours. We will email your report and images to you in an encrypted email or you may collect your report when it is ready or receive it via mail*. If you need your report within 24 hours you can pay an ‘urgent’ fee. In an effort to be “green” and supply your report to you in a timely fashion, our preferred delivery method is through email. In addition, when you receive your report and images through email, you can more easily share them with your doctors and make copies for yourself as needed.

How quickly will I get my report back? 

Why do I need to come back in three months for another breast study? 

The most accurate result we can produce is change over time. Before we can start to evaluate any changes, we need to establish an accurate and stable baseline for you. This baseline represents your unique thermal fingerprint, which will only be altered by developing pathology. A baseline cannot be established with only one study, as we would have no way of knowing if this is your normal pattern or if it is actually changing at the time of the first exam. By comparing two studies three months apart we are able to judge if your breast physiology is stable and suitable to be used as your normal baseline and safe for continued annual screening. The reason a three-month interval is used relates to the period of time it takes for blood vessels to show change.  A period of time less than three months may miss significant change. A period of time much more than three months can miss significant change that may have already taken place. There is no substitute for establishing an accurate baseline. A single study cannot do this.