Focus On Breast Health

Thermography: To some in the medical profession – i.e., those who believe mammography is the only vehicle to detect breast cancer – this word is unsettling.  However, for you the patient,  hearing the word mammogram can be unsettling. It conjures up a painful process, and you are having it done to ‘look for breast cancer’. That alone focuses on the possibility of disease, instead of health.

Breast Health

Breast Health

At ThermApproach, we believe everyone should focus on breast health. To understand it more fully, it’s important to take a step back and learn more about how cancer forms. The perfect breeding ground for disease is a body that is under constant emotional stress, sleep-deprived, and being fed a steady diet of hormones, antibiotics, and sugar. Compound that with genetically modified foods, and foods that have been radiated beyond having any nutritional value, and you’ve created a place where cancer can grow. Just like bacteria and viruses; cancer cells reside in our system.

As mentioned in a previous article,  there are other factors that you simply cannot avoid, and getting cancer is an accumulation of factors, not just one thing.  Also, cancer takes time to develop; in some cases, it can be up to 10 years before it is detectable by conventional means such as a mammogram, which have also been shown to lead to over diagnosis.

If the body is moving in the direction of breast cancer and tumors, wouldn’t you want to know that before the tumor formed, or would you rather find out after the fact? If conventional medical protocol is to get regular mammograms to find breast cancer as soon as possible, wouldn’t a better option be to not get cancer in the first place? Thermography is a screening tool that can detect risk factors so plans can be put into action to improve the health of the breast and quite possibly reverse developing pathology. This is prevention for healthy breasts, not early detection.

Why did conventional medicine toss out this valuable early-warning assessment, one that is pain-free, compression-free and radiation-free? Because conventional physicians do not have the know-how to address a high-risk thermogram. They know little about recommending diet, weight loss, exercise and supplements specifically designed for breast health.

Every woman between the age of 30 and 40 needs to have a baseline thermogram to start a breast health program years before breast cancer has a chance to develop. Every woman between the age of 40 and 65 needs a thermogram in conjunction with, and in many cases, in lieu of, a mammogram.

According to June Drennon, a Certified Clinical Thermographer:
There are many things that we can do to avoid breast cancer, but knowing your risk factors should be at the top of every woman’s list, Drennon says. With proper risk assessment a woman can determine her risk factors and develop an action plan for improving her breast tissue or even reversing the existing developments. “Of course, the best outcome is to learn that you have a low risk for breast cancer, so you have one less thing to worry about,” she says. “Knowledge is power!”

At ThermApproach, we agree. Knowledge is power.  Knowing that you can focus on breast health instead of disease can allow you to implement lifestyle changes that can improve the health of your breasts proactively instead of just waiting around for a cancer diagnosis that may come later.

We utilize sophisticated infrared technology and innovative computer software to capture the images in the form of an infrared thermogram, or heat picture.  All reports are interpreted by medical doctors that are Board Certified in Thermology. 

Before you can feel it, thermal imaging can see it. Please call our office to schedule your screening today.