Other Ways ThermApproach Can Aid In Your Overall Health

In the month of February, we focused on thermography in relationship to breast health. While that is our main objective, we want you to be aware of other ways ThermApproach can aid in your overall health by supplying your medical practitioner with images taken of other areas of your body.

Overall Health

Overall Health

Extra-Cranial Vessel Disease
Similar to how thermography looks for heat signatures in the breast, it can also give a clear view of a variety of conditions which relate to the flow of blood through the vessels of the neck and head. Since the blood vessels in the face and skull are coursing through very thin tissue between the bones of the skull and the skin covering, they are readily and easily visualized with thermal imaging.

Since the vessels in the neck are very large, they are also easily visualized with thermography, which can alert your doctor to the potential of developing vascular disease.

Thermography can also be used in relationship to various types of headaches like migraine, cluster, and cervical spine related. A nerve injury in the face, or the visualization of TMJ disorders (temporo-mandibular joint) are commonly used aspects of thermographic analysis of the head and neck.

Lower Extremity Vessel Disease
The ability of thermography to detect the presence of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other circulatory disorders is a painless and safe way to detect possible disease that if left unchecked, could cause loss of limb, or in some cases increase the possibility of a stroke.

This is one of the best examples of thermography’s ability to assess patients with back, neck, and other extremity disorders. As a matter of fact, it was the use of thermography by chiropractors in the late 70’s to late 80’s in spinal injury cases from car accidents and work-related injuries that launched the clinical interest in thermography as a diagnostic tool.

You can see how thermography is a vital tool in many other areas of health, along with breast health.

Any difference in heat or specific blood vessel patterns in one side of the body that doesn’t appear on the other side indicates a physiologic abnormality. This could indicate disease, or it might indicate an anatomical variation.

At ThermAppoach, we utilize sophisticated infrared technology and innovative computer software to capture the images in the form of an infrared thermogram, or heat picture.  All reports are interpreted by medical doctors that are Board Certified in Thermology. 
Before you can feel it, thermal imaging can see it. Please call our office to schedule your screening today.